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Chris Diabolus

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Autopsy (USA) - Shitfun (lp 1995)

Autopsy (USA) - Shitfun (lp 1995)


Full-length 1995
Label: Peaceville Records

1. Deathmask
2. Humiliate Your Corpse
3. Fuckdog
4. Praise the Children
5. The Birthing
6. Shit Eater
7. Formaldehigh
8. I Sodomize Your Corpse
9. Geek
10. Brain Damage
11. Blood Orgy
12. No More Hate
13. Grave Violators
14. Maim Rape Kill Rape
15. I Shit on Your Grave
16. An End to the Misery
17. The 24 Public Mutilations
18. Bathe in Fire
19. Bowel Ripper
20. Burnt to a Fuck
21. Excremental Ecstasy


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