Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Hatred Surge (USA-IL) - Elvis Died For Our Sins (demo 1995)

Hatred Surge (USA-IL) - Elvis Died For Our Sins (demo 1995)


Demo 1995

1. I'm Not Dead (I Just Hurt My Back)
2. The Song That Killed Elvis
3. Slough is Cool
4. Anal Trauma
5. Serenade of Hate and Filth (A Filthcain Tribute)
6. Tribute to A.C. 'cause We Still Think They're Cool!)
7. Dead
8. Perpetual Masturbation (All Naked and Rearin' to Go)
9. Nick Collins (Stinks of Shit)
10. My Scrotum (Itches Really, Really Bad)
11. Glue Sniffing and Casual Sex
12. Blues For the Sick
13. It's Not Music, But Your Kids Will Dance To It
14. Tribute to Tortured Scrotum Productions
15. Symphonies of Thickness
16. We've Got Rockstar Potential Comin' Out Our Asses
17. Revolution 69 (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Noisecore Band)

Hatred Surge

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