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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Stigmatizer ‎(Poland) - Live in Bielsko Biała 1990

Stigmatizer ‎(Poland) - Live in Bielsko Biała 1990


Live 1990

1. Tylko Wy
2. Self Destruction
3. Toxic War
4. Polskie Dziewczyny
5. New Generation
6. Constitution
7. Morderstwo Dla Klientów
8. Civilization
9. Heavy Metal Children
10. Track 10
11. Star Wars
12. Kawałek O Ojczyźnie
13. Palec
14. Asia Graf
15. Unrealized Children
16. Todays' World
17. For Love
18. Moja Polska
19. Educational Abscess
20. Track 20
21. Pewex
22. Radioactive Rain
23. Sentence Of Life
24. Nuclear Slaughter
25. Genetic Abomination
26. Backward Society
27. Pieniądze


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