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Thursday, 19 July 2018

Simbiose (Portugal) / Croustibat (Portugal) - Music Anti-Depression / Theory of the Derive (split 2000)

Simbiose (Portugal) / Croustibat (Portugal) - Music Anti-Depression / Theory of the Derive (split 2000)

Death Metal/Crust/Grindcore

Split 2000
Label: Zerowork Records

1. Simbiose - Control of Re-Action
2. Simbiose - Resignation & Criticize
3. Simbiose - Life's an Irony
4. Simbiose - Wise Up
5. Simbiose - Naked Mental Violence
6. Simbiose - The Truth Is Out There
7. Simbiose - Chuva De Estrelas
8. Croustibat - Ellian
9. Croustibat - Robotozise the World
10. Croustibat - The Spanish Way To Think America
11. Croustibat - Affiliate
12. Croustibat - Fátima, Futebol, Fado, Familia, Fascismo e outros éfes
13. Croustibat - The Kids Won't Have Their Say
14. Croustibat - Fartzneggar


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